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I'm a stripper and webcam chick (who does occasional dirty movies) that lives in Arizona!

Surgery CANCELED/Postponed Due to Last-Minute Financing Problems

Infuriating. Should’ve seen it coming. My little black raincloud of bad luck that has been following me around ruining anything potentially good for me since I was a child strikes again! If I want to reschedule my surgery I will need to come up with $5,450 cash paid upfront before the patient coordinator will even speak to me again. They kept my $1,050 deposit.

I hate posting this kind of “help me out” stuff because it does nothing but make me look broke and desperate, but I’m too heartbroken to really care about that right now.
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Surgery May 8th

I did it y’all! I dunno how, but I pulled it off. Will definitely be roughing it. And will be taking a mandatory hiatus from everything for at least 3 weeks. If you’d like to donate directly to the cost (I am financing) you still can. If you would like to send me something to make myself more comfortable during recovery check out my Amazon Wishlist. Bed table, neck pillow, zip-up tracksuits/onesies, books and dvds are top priority.

AVN/AEE Las Vegas Trip cancelled


This past weekend, I had the flu for 2 days and was in bed. I had to miss out on a lot of potential money at work, money that would have covered my trip expenses and made sure I still had enough to pay bills when I get back. I have tons of paid work available here the next few days, and nothing promising for Las Vegas. It is not smart or responsible to go there under these financial conditions. I am sorry to all the people I will not be able to meet, and I am sorry to all the photographers I have to cancel on… I was really looking forward to this.
P.S. I will be selling photos of myself in the outfits I was gifted for the event that I will not be able to wear there…