About Me

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, I moved to Phoenix on January 1st, 2013. I have been an exotic dancer for just over six years. Prior to my career as an entertainer, I attended cosmetology school but chose to pursue work in this industry instead. You can see for yourself in my photos that I’m tall- especially in heels- with long athletic legs and slender, lean frame. I’ve been told on numerous occasions that my best physical qualities are my blue eyes and long lashes. I have a full head of thick, raven locks that cascade down my back, and my milky white skin is treasure map etched with tasteful & beautiful illustrations for your eyes to navigate. I am by nature a sensual, inquisitive and deeply passionate woman with a depth of knowledge seemingly beyond her years. You will learn this as you get to know me.

While I have been blessed to be physically appealing, I know that the well of one’s worth is so much deeper than a polished, shiny surface… There are many individuals who believe it isn’t possible to be both a bonafide bombshell whilst being a vibrant, spontaneous free-spirit and quick-witted with an easy laugh- sexy isn’t always serious, smoldering looks. I have a unique sense of humor, an obscure but excellent taste in music, charm in spades, a voracious appetite for closeness and conversation and a deep appreciation for the genuine. Intelligent, witty, classy and cultured with a diverse range of interests, I promise you will not grow bored with me! I am an ardent sapio-sexual; curious and exploratory, a multi-faceted woman with many admirable qualities- but time and time again I am told that the greatest of such is that I am real. I don’t inhabit a “character”- this will translate in the time we share. I love people and I love my work. It is my calling and lies at the very center of my identity. This is not a side revenue stream- it has been a great privilege to dedicate myself to curating sensual erotic dance experiences full of warmth, luxury, and fantasy. Slowly but finely mastering the art of seduction, lust, intimacy and desire. If I have tickled your interest do not hesitate to indulge in all of the content I have easily laid out for you, and if you wish, fill out my contact form. 😉