Back in Phoenix…

Well my lovers… it turns out I couldn’t make it in Tucson (big surprise there! Phoenix is about as much as I can handle!) so I am back in the Phoenix metro area for now! It’s still my ultimate long term goal to get my boobs done & move to Las Vegas going forward from here, so I will be offering tons of upcoming online specials and making more live strip club appearances around the PHX metropolitan area. You can also fill out my contact form with any questions. Following me on Twitter is the best way to stay updated.


oh yeah, boob job update! I don’t want to speak too soon, but it might finally be happening in the next few months. Goal is before May 2019. Keep your fingers crossed for me. If you want to speed up the process, you can contribute here, via the official Boob Job Fund on my ManyVids page (click “Fund Me” on the left), send funds to @phoebe-phelpz on Venmo or to $idreamofphoebe on CashApp. For each $65 donation, you will receive the next 6-7 videos I record after I’m all healed up!
The cost of the surgery is $6,500. My doctor is located in Las Vegas (Dr. Smith @ Smith Surgery). So on top of the surgery cost, I also have to buy plane tickets to fly to & from for my pre-op appointments, pay hotel & Uber fares, and to stay in a recovery home during post-op. So remember that I’m only asking for some assistance with the cost of the surgery itself!

A lot of people seem to have forgotten, so remember that you can sext me any time you’re feeling bored & naughty… I will try my best to reply in a timely manner ;]



I am temporarily relocating to Tucson for a month or two, beginning October 1st.
I am NOT moving there permanently, but I do not know for sure when I will be returning to Phoenix (most likely within a month or two and before the end of the year). So, if anyone based in Tucson would like to do a content trade, a paid photo/video shoot, or meet me in person, please refer to the image above… If anyone based in Phoenix is interested in the same, please get in touch with me ASAP as I have only 4 remaining days available (already booked up for Sunday 9/30) before I leave. I will be dancing at Curves Cabaret in Tucson; I highly recommend you follow me on Twitter (@phoebephelpz) to stay up-to-date with my club appearances.

Coming soon to MessyHot…

Before and after my first sploshing experience! I had so much fun- you’re not going to want to miss this one!

Where you can see it:
1) MessyHot at UMD (preferred option) – your purchase includes video clips AND high resolution images.
2) MessyHot on ManyVids – stream or download the video, plus there’s some physical merchandise for sale in the MV store. Also, you can get a “subscription” to access to ALL of MessyHot’s clips on ManyVids.